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Key features of this scheme include:

Five levels of warranty cover

Hugely reduced list of product exclusions

No quibble pay-out subject to proof of shipping

The Atom Logistics "Service Warranty"

However well packaged your Parcels are there will be instances when for one reason or another significant damage occurs to the box and contents. Our research shows that only 21.6% of all claims submitted are paid out on average by the carriers; and even then only a proportion of the actual value of the goods according to their Terms & Conditions of carriage.

It seems unfair that the Terms & Condition of these Carriers are designed to protect them and not their customers, but with Atom Logistics this becomes irrelevant if you’re a subscriber to our unique “Service Warranty”. This is a first-in-the-industry and has been developed in a move to protect our customers from the dangers on non-pay-outs, or part pay-outs of claims.

Atom’s Service Warranty has been established in order to protect our customers from unfair pay-outs when they make a valid claim. It has been widely welcomed by our customer base. There are 5 levels of protection available, all with fewer exclusions when compared to industry underwriters. The process for making a claim is simple, and the resolution time is fast.

Are you an Atom customer not currently opted-in to our Service Warranty but would like to be?

Click the tab on the banner above to “Opt-in” and you’ll be covered with immediate effect.

Unless otherwise stated you’ll be opted-in at the 1.99% surcharge level giving you cover of up to £150.

To view our Service Warranty Terms & Conditions: www.atomlogistics.com/terms/