In a move to protect our customers from unfair payouts of valid claims, Atom has launched its own customer friendly “Service Warranty”.

With a highly reduced list of exclusions compared to industry underwriters, this warranty has been welcomed by our customer base.

The process of making a claim is simple, with a quick resolution time.

Wow! Atom Logistics claim process is absolutely great! The Atom staff advised me of the process to claim and by raising claims via the Atom team, our business has saved quite a bit of money! Atom’s service is absolutely marvellous and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jan, Rhino Innovation Ltd

Goods in Transit Insurance
Industry Overview

UK domestic logistics or transport can largely be broken into two categories

  • Haulage
  • Courier

Hauliers: Often belong to an association such as BIFA or PHA and are therefore bound to operate with the association’s terms and conditions. RHA, for example, stipulates that a customer can claim up to £1,300 a ton (or the value of the goods if this is less than the £1,300 per ton) should damage, miss-delivery or loss occur. this guarantee can be dubious as their underwriters may look for a reason not to pay out.

Couriers: Tend to have their own home-grown terms and conditions; all pretty similar to each other and designed to protect themselves, not the customer. The standard payout is £10 per kilo or the lesser of the value of the goods.

In summary; payouts for damages or loss is a highly contentious issue and the root cause of many unsatisfactory experiences.

And… Some carriers also apply a hefty excess which further reduces the payout amount if the claim is successful.