What are the levels of warranty cover available?

  • 2.99% for up to a £150 payout
  • 3.50% for up to a £200 payout
  • 3.99% for up to a £250 payout
  • 4.99% for up to a £300 payout
  • 5.99% for up to a £350 payout

This % is charged with the weekly invoicing just like a fuel surcharge (Atoms fuel surcharge is comparatively low, even with a 2.99% surcharge its often still below the industry standard).

What is the process for making a claim?

This process is very simple:

  1. Request an Atom Logistics Service Warranty claim form from [email protected].
  2. Complete the Atom Logistics Service Warranty claim form within 7-14 days and return to Atom.
  3. Atom will then process and ask for any further information, if required.
  4. Atom validates claim and credits customer’s account in accordance with the Service Warranty.

What is our excess?

Atom Logistics applies a small surcharge of £9.99 per claim.

Can higher levels of cover be applied to one-off consignments?

No. The customer has to decide what level they require and that is a flat rate. A customer can at any time amend the level of warranty cover but it will be applied to all consignments.

What is the time limit for making a claim?

Claims for damage goods need to be logged within 7 calendar days of delivery date. Claims for lost goods need to be logged within 14 calendar days of dispatch date.

What evidence is required to support a claim?

  1. Copy of purchase invoice from your supplier.
  2. Copy of sales invoice to your customer.
  3. If you are a manufacturer, a sales invoice will be required and a % in proportion to the sales invoice will be offered.
  4. In certain instances, photographic evidence may be required.

If successful how long will it take for the credit to reach the customer?

Within 21 working days.

Is everything that a customer could send be covered by this warranty?

No. There are certain products excluded but it is a much shorter list and far less complicated than standard industry underwriters work to (see Terms & Conditions for list of exclusions).

How is the claim paid out?

A credit note will be raised and sent to you.

What if I have any other questions about the warranty cover or process?

Contact the team on 0800 849 8430 or email [email protected].