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Next Day Parcel Delivery

Next Day parcel deliveries are so popular with businesses and customers that they’ve become an industry standard. With Atom Logistics, next day delivery service is more cost-effective than ever.

We work with some of the world’s leading couriers, so customers get an extensive selection of delivery options. Whatever the size and weight of your parcel, from small packages to long lengths and ugly freights, we’re confident that you’ll find the solution that meets your requirements. Large and heavy parcels can be delivered just as quickly as smaller and lighter ones.

We also have a real-time tracking system that monitors the progress of your consignment end to end to give you peace of mind. For all Next Day parcel deliveries, we provide a time-stamped audit trail and final proof of delivery.

How It Works

Here’s how our Next Day parcel delivery service works:

Contact us to specify your requirements

We contact one of our partner couriers to negotiate the best rates

We give you a dedicated account handler to address your concerns

We organise the collection and delivery of your parcel

Sit back, relax and track the progress of your parcel

Why Atom Logistics?

As our couriers deliver your package, we deliver customer care. No one else values your time more than we do, so the moment you pick up that phone, we’ll be on the other line within three seconds. If you reach us through email, we’ll answer within an hour to address your queries. A dedicated account handler will be assigned to you to assist every step of the way.

Great Savings

We oversee a large volume of consignments every day, allowing us to attract considerable savings from our partner couriers that we can pass onto you. Our excellent working relationship with partners also serves to ensure that you receive the highest standard of courier service.

Sophisticated Tracking

Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows us to monitor the progress of your parcel from pick-up to delivery. You can opt for a text notification before delivery and within minutes of your parcel’s safe arrival. We have over 3,000 GPS-tracked vehicles that allow real-time reporting of the vehicle’s speed, location and movement, minimising idle time and late arrivals.

Service Warranty

Our Service Warranty is a no-Quibble guarantee. It protects our customers from unfair pay-out when they make a claim. There are five levels of protection available, with fewer inclusions than industry underwriters.

If parcel logistics are the weakest link in your supply chain, it’s time we change that. By making us their delivery partner, businesses entrust us with their parcels and their reputation, which we work hard to protect. Let us protect yours.

Tell us your needs. Contact us today.